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DGK Wired Mazzari Wired Deck - 8.25

DGK Wired Mazzari Wired Deck - 8.25

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7-ply Maple with Assorted Stain Veneers / Full Graphic Bottom /  Top Screen Graphics / Will Mazzari Professional Endorsed Skateboard

8.06” / Length: 31.85” / Wheelbase: 14.31” / Nose: 6.75” / Tail: 6.54”

8.25” / Length: 31.85” / Wheelbase: 14.31” / Nose: 6.75” / Tail: 6.56”

Welcome to Johno's Skate Shop, where we only carry top-quality/reconized skateboard brands. Whether you want a pre-built complete or want to customize your own board, where you can choose wheels, griptape and more, we got you covered! Remember, skateboards come in different sizes, so we're happy to help you find the perfect fit. If you're new to skateboarding and unsure which size to go for, simply send us your shoe size, height, and age and we'll recommend a size range that will work for you. Let's get you rolling in style!

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While skateboarding may be enjoyable, it also carries risks. Wearing protective gear is essential to minimize those risks. We highly recommend that all individuals prioritize their safety and invest in proper protective gear while skateboarding.

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Skateboard shoes aren't just for looking cool but they're essential for skateboarding. While you may not need them right away as a new skater, we highly recommend investing in proper skate shoes. They offer superior grip, control, and protection, with a flat, grippy sole and tough, abrasion-resistant upper for a comfortable, durable fit. Skate shoes also have added padding and reinforced high-stress areas to ensure ultimate foot protection.

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We Offer Gift Wrap!

Are you on the hunt for a gift for a special someone? Look no further than Johno's Skate Shop! We offer gift wrapping services to make your present extra special.

Choose from our two wrapping options: a beautifully wrapped box with a bow, or a sleek clear wrap with a bow. Our gift wrapping service is available for all purchases, no matter the size or value.

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Here at Johno's Skate Shop You can place your order via our website, or through channels like WhatsApp, phone call, or email.

We offer delivery where we can come to you. Alternatively, you can schedule an appointment to visit our display in the Apes Hill area to pick up and check out our products in person.

We are more than happy to meet you at the skatepark or other central areas at your convenience. Although we do not have a card machine at the moment, we accept bank transfers, cash on delivery, or pickup.

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